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Advanced Chemical Safety has worked with Elsevier, the largest publisher of scientific literature, to develop HAZMAT NAVIGATOR. This is a database dedicated to safety and chemical reactivity information. The database contains more than 8000 records, each of which is filled with peer-reviewed, current, safety, reactivity, and toxicology information. Click this link that will give you a demonstration of the power of the database. If you have questions or want more information, send me an email!

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     ADVANCED CHEMICAL SAFETY, Inc.   (ACSafety) is an international health, safety, and environmental protection consulting firm. ACSafety is committed to the prevention of accidents, injuries, illnesses, and environmental contamination by assisting our clients with safe and effective handling of hazardous materials and in compliance assistance for Federal, State and local Safety, Health, and Environmental regulations.


Dr. Neal Langerman is well-versed in the practical application of regulations and industry standards to achieve compliance and safety in a cost-effective manner. Dr. Langerman has assembled a group of dedicated chemists who work with clients to prevent injury, illness or environmental contamination. Dr. Langerman received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Franklin and Marshall College. He then earned a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Northwestern University. Dr. Langerman’s professional experience includes a Post-doctoral Fellowship at Yale, and faculty positions at Tufts University School of Medicine and Utah State University Department of Chemistry. He has been leading his consulting company since 1980. You can obtain a copy of Dr. Langerman's Professional Resume as a download.

Ms. Tara Tolentino is our Manager of Respirator Fit Testing. She coordinates all of the activity to provide respirator training and fit testing both at client locations and in our office. She also handles the myriad of details needed to keep the office functioning efficiently and to ensure that our clients receive the service they expect.

ACSafety is dedicated to preventing problems associated with chemical handling. When necessary, ACSafety works with clients to clean-up contaminated sites and investigate incidents. ACSafety prepares practical written Plans which both comply with applicable regulations and provide an action plan for implementation by our clients.

San Diego Community Service Announcement: This link will take you to information on disposal of Household Hazardous Waste in San Diego City and County.

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