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Respirator Services


Ms. Tara Tolentino is our Manager of Respirator Fit Testing. She coordinates all of the activity to provide respirator training and fit testing both at client locations and in our office.

Respirator Fit Testing and Training

All use of respiratory protection is regulated by Cal-OSHA. With limited exceptions, employers must provide training and ensure that the mask to face seal is adequate to provide the expected level of protection. Other requirements can be found at 8 CCR 5144: Guide to Respiratory Protection.

Advanced Chemical Safety provides quantitative fit testing and training services. While qualitative fit testing services are available, this practice does not provide the quality of mask to face seal testing or the documentation which quantitative testing provides. The services offered and typical costs are:

In-Office Testing Typical Cost
Quantitative Fit Test (per test) $35 - $50
Qualitative Fit Test (per test) $10 - $15
Training/ per employee  
Standard Respirator Training (1 hour) $8 - $15
Advanced Respirator Training (2 hour) $15 - $25

CALL 858-232- 6629 for scheduling and more information. Credit cards are accepted for payment.